Africa Shea Butter 7oz

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"I use shea butter every single day, in bath and as a lotion. It works wonders on my skin! One of my customer's girlfriends has rough feet and now at night she has the softest feet. I had 2 younger nieces with dark spots under their eyes and on their skin and now it has lightened up and they feel so good about their faces!" Sarah in NYC "Thank you for returning my call. We'll see how things progress with this 5013c. In the meantime I am truly enjoying the Dudu Osun soap and the Shea butters. My husband recently had surgery and the Shea butter is working much better on eliminating his surgical scar than the prescribed treatment.” Pam from Jacksonville, FL

For centuries 100% pure Shea butter has been used in Africa. African shea butter enhances skin tones; cures a variety of blemishes and defects and even helps babies sleep better. The modern western world has now re-discovered shea butter, and has used it to make some of its most popular and effective skin treatments. But nothing will be as effective as what is produced naturally in the heart of Africa. Why not find out what you are missing with 100% pure and natural Shea Butter? Made in various West African countries.

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